Dimensions: 42-1/2” x 64-1/2” x 77”

More About the S-825

  • Low EMR and Low EF throughout the entire sauna
  • By far the lowest EMR/EF of any infrared bathing system — beats even Sweden’s tough standards
  • Exclusive EvenHeat technology — warms quickly and evenly with no “cold” spots
  • Finishing in clear Canadian Hemlock for its sturdy quality and beauty
  • Prefabricated panels for fast assembly with no tools — you can enjoy the full detox and relaxation benefits of your Pure Infra sauna within an hour of delivery
    Full glass fronts and tempered, top quality floor to ceiling glass doors
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Want to learn more about this sauna?

S-Series Infrared Saunas include:

  • Prefabricated wall panels, finished inside and out with clear T&G Canadian Hemlock
  • Fast assembly with no tools (wall panels mounted onto an easy-fit base)
  • Exterior surfaces finished with biodegradable wood treatment
  • Deluxe Tempered Full-Glass Door
  • Finnleo CarbonFlex® infrared heaters, integral with wall panels, with heater surface area and wattage designed to give even
  • Finnleo digital TouchPad control system mounted inside the sauna for easy operation and control of power, lighting options, and more
  • Low-voltage mini-spot lights installed in the ceiling. Wall-to-wall backrests, designed for user comfort and safety
  • Super-easy installation with pre-wired heaters, lights, sound system, etc.
  • All sizes can be plugged into a 120 volt household outlet

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